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CHEONGWOON CO., LTD has 7 management philosophies, which are "Be safe, be strong, be healthy, be comfortable, be economical, be natural and be happy". 


With above philosophies we have been producing high-quality electronics such as thermostat, air purifier, ozone sterilizer, ionizer,low frequency controller, battery charger DC-AC inventor for 23 years. 


Detailed Company Information

  • Company NameCheongwoon Co., Ltd.
  • Business TypeManufacturer
  • Year Established2002
  • LocationSouth Korea
  • Main MarketsAustralia,Canada,China,Hong Kong(China),U.S.A
  • Total Employees 1-50 People
  • Homepage
  • PresidentHyeondo Seo
  • Phone+82-32-667-0078
  • FAX+82-32-613-3005
  • Address#202-607,388,Songnae-dearo,Wonmi-gu
  • Product Category Electrical Equipment & Supplies > Other Electrical Equipment
    Health & Medical > Other Health Care Products
    Home & Garden > Bedding
    Home & Garden > Bedding > Other Bedding
    Home & Garden > Home Textile > Mat


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  • Confirmation letter of Declaration(business)

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Additional Introduction


23 years of History, Renowned company for Heater & Thermostat 
Cheongwoon Co., Ltd. always considers the safety and health of our customers. 

Our newly released warm water mat, does not have motor, nor the electromagnetic. We care for our customer's health and safety regardless of their gender or age based on our 7 philosophies. 

"The family becomes perfect when they are all together" is the ideology that CHEONGWOON Co.,Ltd. is seeking 

We will try to lead on affluent future of our customers and their families with our safe, strong, healthy, comfortable, economical, natural and happy products. 

With the 23 years of knowhow,, we're doing our best to prevent any possible problems that may happen while using our products. We will keep producing high-quality products considering our customer's safety and health based on our 7 management philosophies and ideology. 
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Our History

  • SEP, 2011Launched 2 kinds of Dry type Foot bath Apparatus
  • AUG, 2011Launched Smart Phone Cradle
  • NOV, 2010Launched Heating Mat & Pad
  • SEP, 2010Launched
  • APR, 2010ISO 14001 Certification
  • JAN, 2010Patented Golf Putting Exerciser (the World's 1st)
  • JUN, 2008Started Development of Golf Putting Exerciser
  • MAY, 2007Launched Anion Air Purifier
  • SEP, 2004Launched DVD Player
  • APR, 2004Authorized to Produce Ultrasonic Stimulator (by Korea Food & Drug Administraion)
  • DEC, 2003Authorized to Produce Low-Frequency Stimulator (by Korea Food & Drug Administration)
  • JUL, 2003Selected as Promising Small and medium Business (by Kookmin Bank)
  • APR, 2003Approbation from Venture Business (by Small and Medium Business Administration)
  • OCT, 2002ISO 9007 (by CCAS, English ISO Certificate Authority)
  • JUL, 2002Established Institute of Technology (Approbation from Korea Industrial Technology Association)
  • MAR, 2002Launched Digital Camera
  • JUL, 2001Utility Model Patent (#0241430)
  • MAR, 2001Extended SMD Facilities
  • JUL, 1999Producing of Ozone Sterilizer
  • DEC, 1998Producing of DC-AC INVERTER
  • MAY, 1998Producing of Automobile Lubricator
  • AUG, 1997Producing of mobile Phone Battery Charger
  • MAY, 1994Producing of low-Frequency Controller
  • APR, 1993Producing of Thermostat
  • OCT, 1992Company Establishment (Register as a manufacturer)