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warm water mat

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  • Materialillite hose + Jacquard fabric
  • Size100 * 3 * 200 cm
  • Weight5 mg
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T,Others

[Cheongwoon Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Name of product Flower patterned, quilted warm water mats
Material Jacquard fabric
Color Orange & silver flower patterns 
Size & weight 
Single 200 x 100 cm, 4.7kg
Double 200 x 145 cm, 6kg
Boiler Size : 180 x 290 x 135 (mm)
Boiler weight : 2.1 kg
Boiler decoration color : orange
Proper temperature : 20~60℃
Rated voltage : 220V~, 60Hz, 250W

Manufacture : Cheongwoon Co., ltd.
Made in KOREA





Floral quilting warm water mats 

Illite EPDM rubber hose used

Due to general durability and resiliency superior to low-cost PVC hose, even though it is bent or suppressed it does not happen to burst or wrinkle marks do not appear mostly. It can be used for a long time without deformation

When lying down on the mat due to thick silk cotton in the mat it minimizes the phenomenon such that the hose is hard on the body and minimizes the heat that is snatched outwardly.


What is illite?

It is the matter that is called a mysterious substance with excellent efficacy in heavy metal adsorption capability, far-infrared ray radiation, and negative ions generation. .

 with a mysterious substance called mineral with excellent efficacy

Illite effects and characteristics

1. Adsorption / resolution is excellent for certain radioactive materials.

2 It facilitates the body's blood circulation and keeps the body warm and cold conditions.

3. It improves the effective temperature by 5 degrees or more, and effectively eliminates various toxins.

4. At 40 degrees it emits 93% of the far-infrared rays.

5. It promotes metabolism and helps blood circulation.

6. By activating biological tissue  it delays skin aging and keeps the skin elastic and firmer

7. It helps inhibit the growth of bacteria such as mold.


8. Illite is one of pure natural minerals. By itself colon bacilli or bacteria do not exist. It is very effective in bacteriostatic activities and antibacterial activities. 



**Far-infrared ray generation

Far-infrared ray emissivity of 90%

Due to emission of Far-infrared ray it promotes the body’s metabolism and blood circulation, helps excrete various waste accumulated in the human body and reactivates the aged cells.

It's effective for stress relief and fatigue recovery. So, it can be expected to have a positive effect on the human body.

Because illite fabrics are used in the inner part of eye bandage, when eyes are warmed negative ions and far-infrared rays are generated.

Use one light fabric inner lining will generate negative ions and far infrared rays from the light snow during warmer days.


Boiler Size & weight 

Boiler Size : 180 x 290 x 135 (mm)

Boiler weight : 2.1 kg

Boiler decoration color : orange

Proper temperature : 20~60℃

Rated voltage : 220V~, 60Hz, 250W







We guaranteed for 2 years our WARM WATER MAT BOILER


If you have any further inquiries, please contact us ^^




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warm water mat

warm water mat

warm water mat